Manage your workouts

WorkoutGuru is a software that allows you to manage training plans.

We have made available to athletes a series of tools to manage everyday activities, create and plan workouts, look for shared workouts and contact a coach to plan a professional training.
Here’s in detail what you can do with WorkoutGuru:

Your workouts

You can create a training plan based on your needs and personal commitments, add the individual activities that make up the training days.
For disciplines such as triathlon you can activate the multi-sport option to manage multiple activities in a single day.
For each activity you can enter the various steps that compose it (for example heating, activity, recovery) and set a distance, a time interval or a cardio value.
For each step it is also possible to set some notes, for example a step to follow during a race or notes on the type of specific job to be performed.

Schedule calendar

After setting a date for the start of your training plan, each activity can be viewed in the calendar.
For each day you will have a summary of the activities to be carried out.

Activity report

For each activity you can enter a report of the training day, with the possibility of adding an evaluation and a comment.
If you are followed by a coach your results and the notes you enter will also be available to your coach who can evaluate your improvements.

Search for coach

The creation and planning of a competitive season can be a very technical job, often this task must be entrusted to experts, to follow your personal situation and your goals.
Through the search by area you can look for a coach, contact him and agree to begin a journey of improvement together.

Search for training

Through the search it is possible to search the workouts shared by other users, divided by discipline and difficulty.
Just select the workout and import it, from which time you can schedule it.
Shared workouts are free for registered users.