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10 Week 10K Training Plan

Simple training plan for first 10 k race.

5k Run for beginner (Galloway’s approach)

This training plan is aimes at those who want to make their first race on the distance of 5 Km. It consists of 15 weeks with an increase in training time. Is ispired by the Galloway's approach.

My first triathlon race - Sprint

Below is a possible training for the first Sprint triathlon. It starts from the concept that those who want to go down this road must have a good aquaticity, that is, that knows how to swim, to practi ...

Workout 1

Warm-up: 5 min walking on Skillmill Mobility - theraband stretch for shoulders, toe touch, standing hip circles.1st circuit - complete each exercise 3x with 1min rest between cycles 1) 2 kg ball tos ...