Workout 1

Author: amie miller
Discipline: fitness | Level: beginners | Week:

Warm-up: 5 min walking on Skillmill Mobility - theraband stretch for shoulders, toe touch, standing hip circles.1st circuit - complete each exercise 3x with 1min rest between cycles 1) 2 kg ball toss on wall 1 min 2) 4 kg ball with handles: burpee - overhead press with ball, place it on floor, place hands on floor & step back to plank. Step forward, pick up ball & stand. Repeat 10x 3) rowing machine 3 mins2nd circuit - complete each exercise 3x with short rest between cycles 1) Chin-up machine: use inside grip, put on 42kg. Press knees down on to platform, pull up to top. Repeat 10x 2) Hamstring curl machine: adjust seat so that when sitting and legs are extended through bolster pads top pad is just below knee joint and bottom bolster is behind heel. Put on 10kg. Pull heels down as far under seat as possible. Slow release. Repeat 10x 3) Seated Chest press machine: adjust height of seat so that when seated and place hands against handles they are in alognment with level of center of chest. Put on 5kg or 10kg. Push forward. Slow release. Repeat 10x 4) Squat with bench: start seated on grey bench and place feet slightly wider than shoulders. Hinge forward from hips to shift weight in to legs, press up to standing. Reach back with hips and lower down to just lightly touch bench, stand up. Repeat 10xMat exercises: Plank - hold body level with legs straight. Arms straight or on elbows with hands clasped together. 30 secs Roll-ups - sit up with legs in front of you, knees bent, hands placed under back of knees. Curl pelvis back and round through entire spine. Hollow out abdominals and contract ads inward as you slowly lean back and roll down on to mat. Breathe in then out as you roll back up to sitting. *if you need assistance getting up pull against the back of your legs. Repeat 10x Twist - lie on your back and place your arms out like “T”. Bend your knees and lift legs up above your hips. Keep head and shoulders still, stay in touch with floor. Twist at the waist and rotate from the pelvis to lift hip and turn to the right. Beathe in then out as you pull in with your ab muscles and press back to the floor to center the hips again. Repeat in the left side. Repeat both sides 10x.


Do 30mins of cardio. Aim for your target heart rate. Use 2 or 3 different machines