Cycling training

What a thrill

Cycling is a passion.

I still remember the first day I got on a bike, the emotion was strong, the fear of falling even louder.
I remember the first few meters, hesitant with slow pace, very slow and then the falls, the knees peeled, a short cry and then in the saddle as if nothing had happened.

And as the days go by with an awareness of using the vehicle, everything becomes possible. Even turning, braking to the limit, competing with friends and showing how fast you are.

Those who are passionate about cycling will have experienced similar moments, an important test for our growth, one of the first obstacles to overcome in the course of life.
Probably many years have passed since the first experiences on two wheels, now the goal is another, improve performance, both for ourselves and in view of a future race.

Obviously the time is very important, devote many hours a week to training allows for obvious improvements.
But sometimes this is not enough, we need to follow a specific training plan for the goal we set ourselves.

Follow a training plan

To be consistent in training in addition to willpower is essential to set a goal. Often this goal coincides with a race, to be planned many months before to be able to get to the best.

With Workout Guru you can follow specific workouts for each type of race or goal, just look for a workout that is closer to our needs or ask for help directly to a personal trainer

What are you waiting for? download the app or connected to the website and start cycling.