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The reasons to start running can be many, for example to get in shape or because our friends run.
The benefits of running are varied, both in terms of our physical appearance and our health.
When you start to run the important thing is to be constant, set specific days to run and step by step what at first seemed impossible, will be an achievable goal.
Follow a training plan
To be consistent in training in addition to willpower is essential to set a goal. Often this goal coincides with a race, to be planned many months before to be able to get to the best.

With Workout Guru you can follow specific workouts for each type of race or goal, just look for a workout that is closer to our needs or ask for help directly to a personal trainer
Your first 5 km race
A possible training plan for a 5km race can be based on the Galloway training method, this approach is optimal for beginners, provides a week with three cross-training workouts (it can be a walk) and three days of running, with workload that increases with the passing of the weeks.

This plan consists of 15 weeks of training and allows you to increase the running volumes gradually, especially on the seventh day, when the distances increase and you start to spend more time running.
This method can also be followed for the preparation of your first 10 km race, both plans are available free in Workout Guru, what are you waiting for download the app and start running.