Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

WorkoutGuru is a software that allows you to manage training plans for athletes.
A number of tools are available for the coaches to manage everyday activities.
Here’s in detail what you can do with WorkoutGuru:

Create training plans

Create training plans easily with the “Training Plans” tool.
Subdivide your training plan in weeks, add daily activities and rest days.
It’s possible to add more activities per day for different disciplines, this is particularly useful for those who practice triathlon for example.
You can split the activity into steps or enter free text directly.

Communicate with athletes

Chat with your athletes to understand the needs or problems that may occur during the training period.

Send plans and check results

After creating a training plan you can easily send it to your contact list.
Your athletes for each day will be able to enter comments and evaluations of the activities carried out, this allows you to monitor in real time the progress of the training.

Share plans

You can create plans and make them public, in this way you can make yourself known in the community.

Invite users

Invite users who are part of WorkoutGuru to join your circle of contacts.
You can also invite people who are not yet part of the community.


Create your profile, talk about what you do, what services you intend to provide and any specializations you have obtained.
This data is public and will help you get to know you.

Customer registry

Manage your customers’ personal data.

App for athletes

The athletes you manage can connect with you via the WorkoutGuru app.

In this way, they can receive workouts directly on the phone, update training data and communicate with you.

(*) Three months free trial.