Triathlon training

Swimming + cycling + running = Triathlon

A simple equation that brings together the three most practiced sports and which results in a world of fun, excitement and competition.
Let’s start from the basic concept, triathlon is a multidisciplinary sport, made up of swimming, cycling and running.
This sport allows you to vary activities every day, engage in disciplines that can be combined in harmony with our body and our psyche.

Training for triathlon provides a weekly commitment consistent with the type of competition we want to tackle. Very different is the preparation needed to deal with a sprint from that for the preparation of an Ironman.
In both cases, however, the weekly outputs range from 5 to 6, of course that in the case of the Ironman there will be even multiple workouts during several days, and the workloads will be different.

The preparation to face a triathlon is not an impossible mission, indeed, planning the days of the week based on your physical skills and commitments, it is stimulating to follow a training plan if well structured.

Follow a training plan

To be consistent in training as well as our willpower is essential to set a goal. Often this goal coincides with a race, to be planned many months before to be able to get to the best.
For those who want to start this wonderful adventure the advice is to start with a short distance race, a Sprint is ideal for testing and understanding the mechanisms and difficulties that can be encountered.

Thanks to Workout Guru you can follow specific workouts for each type of race or goal, just look for a workout that is closer to our needs or ask for help directly to a personal trainer.
For triathlon there is the “multidiscipline” feature that allows you to create more activities during the same day.

Your first triathlon race

The distances of the Sprint are 750 meters of swimming, 20 km of bike and 5 km of running, so with a few weeks of training the race can be prepared by a person who practices a moderate sporting activity.
It starts from the concept that those who want to take this path have a good aquaticity, that is, that knows how to swim, to practice running and cycling, or at least one of them.
We propose a training plan divided into 11 weeks with workload that increases as we approach the race.
There are some days of multiple training that allow us to understand the feelings that we will experience in the race when we pass from swimming to the bike and finally to the race.

The training plan is available free in Workout Guru, what are you waiting for download the app or connected to the website and start to swim, ride and run.